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Speira Jewellery symbolises life. We see the shape of Speira everywhere: in nature, our fingertips, we even live in a spiral galaxy. It’s amazing that the molecule of DNA has the spiral shape too. Speira comes from the ancient Greek word ‘SPЕΊRA’  which means spiral.  Such a powerful symbol is current and remains so through time.

Speira Jewellery is the place where heritage meets minimal.

The designers we work with are inspired from elements of nature, Greek and Italian heritage and life itself to create their wonderful collections.

A journey into time through unique creations.

Current, minimal and heritage jewellery is at the heart of Speira Jewellery.

Speira S Logo


The jewellery industry is overwhelmingly dominated by pieces that are made by mechanical means, made without passion, emotions or love. Speira is here to change that…

We want to lead the way in transforming the industry and the market as a whole. We put an emphasis on crafting, buying and introducing our customers to handcrafted, everlasting pieces of handmade jewellery.

The Speira team understands that designers do not always get enough credit for their work, so we bring our customers as close as possible to the talent behind the scenes. We want to support artisans by working with them directly, giving them the appropriate exposure and recognition. 

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Speira S Logo


Speira begun back in 2017, with the idea of establishing a brand known for quality, handcrafted pieces of jewellery, as well as for working closely with talented designers.
Our shop introduced customers to fine quality, crafted pieces, and connects them with history and tradition behind each piece: something our designers are very passionate about. 

In recent times we decided to do a full revamp of our image, and work more closely with local and global talent.


Our aim is to offer our customers high-quality, handcrafted jewellery and in doing so, support the hardworking talent behind the creations.  

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