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Spring 2020 Jewellery Trends

Winter is moving by just as fast as it arrived and, whether or not you like the cold and snow, we can all agree that spring will be a welcome sight. Even the industry’s top jewellery designers are looking forward to spring and many of them are going big for their spring collections. We can expect to see oversized hoops and larger-than-life necklaces with beautifully coloured stones. Previous trends are also continuing into this spring and we are going to take a look at some of the spring 2020 jewellery trends that you will see.

Spring 2020 Jewellery Trends

Modern Pearls- there will be a wave of sleek and modern pearl jewellery this spring and they are very different compared to what your gran might wear. Small polished pearls could be used for sculptural ear cuffs and asymmetrical earring sets.

More Flexible Colour Options- spring is often signified by bright, colourful accessories. Designers have started to break away from the regular metalwork motifs and they are going for a crop of colourful jewels. Colourful gem-encrusted necklaces could give you a baroque and decadent feel. Floral details and candy-hued crystals can add a romantic twist to your already stylish look.

Single Earring- there’s something unexpected and avant-garde about wearing just one earring. The key to achieving a strong impact is to choose a single earring that’s strong enough to make its own statement. Jewellery designers’ intricate gold designs allow you to have a chandelier-like earring or something less bold. For a more modern and asymmetrical appeal, you may choose an oversized and cool hoop.

Oversized Chains- on recent spring fashion runways, chains are getting bigger. jewellery designers introduced giant, sparkling chains with matching chain earrings. Some designers also offered beaded, oversized chain necklaces.

Big Hoops- big hoop earrings will make a comeback this spring, even though they never really left. In fact, some designs have multiplied in size. For an extra stylish look, you could get double-hooped, thick gold earrings.

Ball-Shaped Designs- jewellery designers are still focusing on three dimensional round objects, which are inspired by Christmas ornaments, crystal balls or planets. Ball-shaped jewellery charms can be used on various items, like charms, pendants or long drop earrings.

Chokers- chokers are coming back this year. Previously, it was stackable chokers that turned into worn layering staples. But, this year, we will get “statement chokers” with gold curves that go around the neck.

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