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3 Jewellery Trends That Are Hot This Summer

This summer is already shaping up to be a hot one. With temperatures climbing higher and higher, we need to look for new ways to cool off while still enjoying everything that summer has to offer. Whether you choose to cool off at the beach, poolside with a cocktail, or indoors in air conditioned comfort, looking your stylish best is important.

For many of us, summer fashion means wearing less clothing and that can make it difficult for us to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, Speira has you covered. By offering some of the season’s hottest trends in handmade jewellery and accessories, Speira makes creating your summertime-cool look easier and more affordable.

With that being said, let’s take a look at three jewellery trends that are hot this summer:

Statement Hoops- one of the top jewellery trends that is heating up summer is the statement hoop earring. Big, bold hoop earrings that are fun and unique are in and that means hoops of all shapes and sizes from square to oval, or with tassels, feathers and more. A pair of handmade earrings from Speira can help you create a style that is all your own this summer!

Beads And Tassels- handmade beads and tassels jewellery offers up a Bohemian look that is summertime-cool all season long. With splashes of colour, animal prints and unique designs, this is one summertime jewellery trend that is a must have for the beach, evenings out or any time you want to add an elegant look to your wardrobe.

Layered Necklaces- another trend that we are seeing more and more of this season are layered necklaces. Both easy and colourful, layered necklaces can be worn for work or play and everything in between. You can even dress them up by layering different metals including gold, silver, copper and rose gold for a more dramatic look.

You can find these top summertime jewellery trends and more when you shop the exclusive handmade jewellery collections at Speira.

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To learn more about this summer’s hottest jewellery trends, contact Speira and shop a wide selection of beautifully designed jewellery and accessories today!

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