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2019 Speira Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s officially holiday shopping season here in the UK and shoppers everywhere are searching for just the right gift for that special someone on their list. While some women are easy to shop for, others can be a lot more difficult, making holiday shopping that much more difficult. Just when you think you have found the perfect gift, you begin to second guess yourself and purchase something else.

While this can make your holiday season much more stressful than it needs to be, it doesn’t have to. There is a way that you can get everyone on your list, from your wife or girlfriend, to your mum and your sister, the perfect gift without having to hit up every shopping centre in town. Simply visit Speira online today and shop their extensive range of premium jewellery and accessories where you will find the perfect holiday gift for everyone.

To make your holiday gift giving even easier this season, the jewellery experts at Speira are going to share with you some of their top favourites when it comes to premium jewellery and accessories. Let’s take a look:

2019 Speira Holiday Gift Ideas

Pendant Silver 925 Rubies- this stunning handmade pendant features Silver 925, wonderful black detail and beautiful rubies. The Pendant Silver 925 Rubies is unique, beautiful and offers a classic look with a contemporary twist.

Galatea Ring- these beautifully designed 9K yellow gold double rings feature primal tree shapes and can either be worn as a set, or separately. The Galatea Ring is handmade, making each one unique and the perfect gift for that special someone on your Christmas list.

Neolithic Nuggets- this Neolithic necklace is handcrafted by Vally Kontidis of gold plated brass, making it both durable and exceptionally beautiful at the same time. From our Neolithic Collection, the Neolithic Nuggets Droplet Nugget Chain Necklace is a stunning example of handcrafted quality and value.

Boomerang Bracelet- from talented jewellery designer, Dimitris “Huffy” Stavropoulos, comes this beautiful Boomerang Bracelet. Available in either black plated silver, polished silver or bronze, this bracelet will become an extension of your body as it mimics the soft swells of the human flesh.

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To learn more about the benefits to choosing handmade gold jewellery, contact Speira and shop a wide selection of beautifully designed jewellery and accessories today!

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