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Myrto Grigori

"A Greek native, she spent the first 17 years of her life in her hometown.

Following her high school graduation and with an early craving for exploration, she moved to Rome to pursue her dream of becoming an Architect. Fast forward 8 years (and many experiences) later, she graduated from “Sapienza” University of Rome with a degree in Architecture, had earned a master's in Interior Design in March 2014 at “Politecnico” University of Milan, as well as interned with some of the most celebrated architectural firms in the country. Her desire for exploration though did not stop there. In 2014, a pursuit for her next challenge led her to the Middle East, in Doha, where she spent a year working as an Architect, before receiving an offer to work for the world’s leading architectural firm at the heart of global innovation, in the USA and specifically in San Francisco.

The passion for design led her to her first jewellery collection, “Dancing Tutu”, in 2017 as part of my company, “GoldenOutliers”. Her first collection is inspired by the Architecture and the art of ballerinas. Every single piece name is named after a famous ballerina."

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