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My story

"For about 20 years, I worked in cinematography, mostly as the Head of Production and after founding my own company (Traffic S.A) as a Producer.

Having a strong sense of social responsibility, I engaged in a wide range of social activities. For eight years I was a Municipal Counsillor at Filothei. This gave me the opportunity to serve my neighbourhood as Vice Mayor of Environment and Culture, as President of the Cultural Committee, as an honorary member of the Filothei Center of Fine Arts “George Karidis”, and as President of the Municipal Kindergarten.

My wanderings in art began in 1998, when I decided to experiment with the concept of recycling. Making use of the worthless, precious or semi-precious, but always signifying objects. I created wreaths, made out of “forgotten” objects. Athinais, November 2003: “Where Matter Turns into Spirit.”

For my next journey, I wandered through the water, the element which for the first time, gave humans the ability to face their reflection. The sea became my colour palette; I used glass as a canvas, equipped myself with sand and clay, borrowed wood and ironware from wrecks and used up the stock of pebbles from my summer wanderings, to finally “sculpt” mirrors. Athinais, May 2006, “Sea Sentiments”.

In 2009, I ventured on a new alliance, with two of the most valuable natural elements: gold and bronze. This time, however, I decided to make the moulds myself, creating jewellery and sculptures. Athinais Museum of Modern Art, December 2009, “Shine”.

In 2011, for the exhibition entitled “Wanderings in May”, I returned to my favourite subject, the wreath, by using objects or materials, created for other purposes. I combined them with pearls, sea glasses, old jewellery, leaves of gold, etc., and created wreaths, which triggered associations, memories of the close or distant past. Titanium – Yayannos Art Gallery, May 2011.

My next inspiration came from ancient Greek culture. Influenced by the current ‘’wounded’’ image of Greece, I created silver jewellery, with pendant marble stones. These features gave this amazing collection its name, “Redefinition with a touch of Greece”.

In September 2015, I participated in the LOOT@MAD exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, together with 50 artists from 30 different countries around the globe.

Today, I am involved in the creation of artistic jewellery. At the same time, I work on the design and set up of the 5th exhibition “A Jewel Made in Greece”, a project based on my own idea about the artistic jewellery created in Greece."

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