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Valentine’s Day Jewellery Ideas

Flowers, chocolate and jewellery are gifts that commonly given for Valentine’s Day. Obviously, due to its value, jewellery has the biggest impact for this romantic occasion. If you want to give her the most special gift of all this Valentine’s Day, you should look no further than choosing high quality, beautifully designed jewellery from Speira.

Here are the top jewellery ideas to consider this Valentine’s Day:

Two-Stone Jewellery- two-stone jewellery symbolises the romantic connection between two people. It’s also about the love and long-lasting friendship combined into a marital relationship.

Three-Stone Jewellery- three-stone jewellery symbolises the past, present and future that you share with your loved one. Three-stone jewellery is usually available as a ring, pendant or necklace.

Engraved Jewellery- engraving has a deep meaning to any relationship because it is unchanged and endless. Engraved jewellery could be custom-made with a symbol or phrase that has special meaning to the woman you love. Initials of the couple are enough to make an impact and it’s something that both of you can cherish forever. If you have a child or children, you can also put their initials in the jewellery, making it a valuable heirloom for the family that can be passed down through the generations. Engraved jewellery can be made of regular gold, rose gold, white gold or sterling silver.

Geometric Pieces- geometric, delicate shapes can make for wonderful jewellery. They can be made from any type of valuable metals, so they are available in all price ranges.

Diamond Studs- diamond studs are a classic gift for Valentine’s Day and they won’t go out of style. If your loved one doesn’t have a pair in her jewellery box, then it’s a good time to buy her a set.

Ring Set- why buy her one, if you can buy her plenty? A ring set is ideal for women who change their style constantly. For an affordable set, you can buy her a box of 18-karat gold rings with square-cut cubic zirconia. More expensive sets could have 22-karat rings with more valuable gemstones.

Crystal Drop Earrings- cascading drop earrings with a glimmering mix of faceted stones and crystals are ideal for special occasions. Be sure to choose the right hues, to make her sparkle.

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