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Tips For Cleaning Jewellery

We want our jewellery to sparkle and remain beautiful for a long time. After proper polishing and cleaning, our jewellery will dance in the light and look like new again. You can easily keep the bling without bringing your everyday jewellery to professional cleaning service. Here are a few tips that you should know:

4 Tips For Cleaning Jewellery

Check For Loose Gems Or Stones- if you clean up your jewellery without checking its condition, it is very likely that you lose some expensive stones. Check the metal surface and make sure that it’s not broken or dimpled. Bring your jewellery to repair services to avoid further damage.

Use A Soft, Cotton Cloth- when cleaning your jewellery, make sure that the cloth is soft and clean. Abrasive fibres may cause fine scratches on metal surface, causing your jewellery to lose its shine. A dirty cloth may also leave sediment on your jewellery.

Be Careful When Using Jewellery Cleaning Solution- before using a silver or gold dip, you should read the label. Never put your plated jewellery in, if the dip formula is for solid precious metal, because you may strip the plating. Don’t use commercial cleaners, because they may cause oxidation on the metal surface. The best cleaning solution is warm water and dishwashing liquid. Use a soft toothbrush when cleaning. Whatever you do, never use bleach because it is a strong oxidant and will react with metal. You should also never use ammonia, acetone, alcohol or chlorine.

Leave Jewellery In Warm Soapy Water- if there’s stubborn dirt on your jewellery, you shouldn’t brush vigorously. Instead, put your jewellery in warm soapy water for five minutes. Use soft toothbrush to slowly remove deposits. Be careful when brushing around the tiny clasps, because you may pull them loose with the bristles of toothbrush. Rinse jewellery under running cold water after it’s clean and dry it with soft, cotton cloth.

After your jewellery is dry, you should keep it in a sealed jewellery box and put a couple of silica gel sachets in as well. When storing jewellery, you should keep them separated. Diamonds could easily scratch metal surfaces and other gemstones. To keep your jewellery clean, you need keep it safe from drops and knocks. You shouldn’t keep jewellery under direct sunlight for too long. Remove your jewellery before going into the swimming pool, because chlorine could tarnish your jewellery. Household chemicals may also tarnish jewellery, so make sure to remove it before doing any daily cleaning tasks.

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