How to know which jewellery complements your eye, hair and skin tone best.

We all love to keep up with the latest jewellery trends, but like our clothes, some types of jewellery will suit us more than others because of our eye, hair and skin tone. How do you know which jewellery to choose to look your best? Gold or silver? Platinum or rose gold? Is it true that some skin types can wear any metal tone? Let’s take a look at the metals and gemstones that are best suited to you. Here’s your quick guide to the types of jewellery that will complement your eye, hair and skin tone best.

Whether it is a unique hand-crafted pendant, necklace, bracelet or earings before you invest in a beautiful piece of handmade jewellery, you want to feel confident that you have picked an elegant, long-lasting design that will suit you. How do you know? How can you buy jewellery with confidence?

From the best metals to make your skin glow, to the most complementary colours that will cause your eye colour to pop, and the skin tones that suit any metals, follow these top tips to choose the most flattering jewellery for your eye, skin and hair tone. Your quick guide to buying the right jewellery with confidence.

The best metals for your skin tone: Wondering which is the best metal tone for your skin?

Fair skin: If your fair skin has pink or red undertones, then silver is the best metal choice for you. Silver will shimmer against your skin and leave your skin and jewellery looking radiant. Experiment with platinum and white-gold too. Rose-gold on the other hand, will heighten the pink or red undertones in your skin, so avoid.

If your skin is very fair with pale undertones, then silver, white gold and 9 or 14-carat gold are your most flattering metal tones. Anything over 14-carat gold is likely to make you look washed out, as the deepening yellow hue will become increasingly less flattering against your skin.

Olive, Mediterranean or lightly-tanned skin: Your versatile tone can take on an array of metals. From gold, to rose-gold, platinum and silver, the neutral undertones in your skin tone mean that you can enjoy playing around with different metals, until you find the colour that works best for you.

Arabic, fair African or dark African skin: Gold, rose-gold and bold silver pieces will all look stunning and make your skin glow. Stick to more sizeable or layered pieces of silver jewellery for a look that will sparkle against your skin.

South – East Asian skin: Another neutral skin tone, your skin tone can take a range of metals. The warmer yellow hues in 18-carat gold will look dazzling against your skin. Rose-gold will add a softness to your skin, whilst more sizeable or layered pieces of silver, platinum or white gold jewellery will look particularly flattering.

Don’t be afraid to mix different metals too, even gold and silver can look great if the combination of pieces is right.

And hair colour? If you have fresh highlights or a brand new cut and colour, then you may be considering which metals will best suit your new hair colour.

  • Newly blonde hair? If you have a pale skin tone, then silver, 9-carat or 14-carat gold will look great against your light hair. Add blue or green gemstones for a knockout look.
  • Gone for a darker hair colour? If you have paler skin, then you may find that rose-gold is now more flattering than silver or gold. Gemstones in blue, red and purple hues will look divine against brunette hair. For red hair, greens, deep blues and yellow coloured gemstones will be sublime. Black hair is a fantastic colour for any bold-hued gemstones to really pop.

Finally, eye colour. When it comes to your eye colour, it is all about the gemstones, from bright sapphires to gleaming emeralds and neutral pearls, here’s your quick guide to the best gemstones for your eye colour:

Brown or hazel eyes: Brown or hazel eyes will look stunning against deep, seductive rubies, garnets, rose quartz and tourmaline.

Blue or green eyes: Gleaming bright sapphires, emeralds, aqua chalcedony and topaz will appear particularly dazzling against blue or green eyes.

So browse our gorgeous selection of handmade jewellery, for unique handcrafted earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and cuffs. One-off, special pieces inspired by elegant Greek and Italian heritage designs. Whatever your favoured metal or gemstone, we have something to suit you or order your own, bespoke, made-to-order piece today.

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