Here at Speira, we are extremely proud to welcome our newest designer to the team, Elena Andreou and her exquisite jewellery company, Elena Andreou Jewellery.  Renowned for her unique designs and her clear-cut passion for fine jewellery, we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with such an innovative designer. Elena is the owner and director of Elena Andreou Jewellery and is recognised for her complete and utter devotion to making women feel completely empowered. Her commitment has always been to create unique, irreplaceable and elegant pieces of high-quality jewellery, in which to reflect a woman’s inner strength and personality.

hestia ring

With a wide range of exclusive designs and contemporary styles to choose from, Elena Andreou’s Jewellery offers perfect pieces to suit everybody. Her designs will take you from every day casual wear right up until that all important, special evening occasion. Each individual piece has been handcrafted with passion and created with the sole purpose of withstanding the test of time. Elena has produced a range of minimalistic, classic pieces of jewellery with a modern twist and has ensured the quality is at its finest through carefully selecting a range of semi-precious stones and luxurious, lavish metals. Crafted with the intention of complimenting each and every individual woman’s inner beauty and essence, whilst totally enriching the wearer with confidence, empowerment and self-love. These pieces are sure to make a statement in every woman’s jewellery collection.

At Speira, we are proud to offer direct access to Elena Andreou’s fine jewellery collection ‘VENUS’. This collection was first introduced at Premiere Classe Paris in 2015 and is divided into multiple jewellery lines, all of which have been inspired and named after many well-known God’s and Goddesses from ancient mythology and history. Starting with The Cupid Collection, named after the famously renowned God of Love, is described to have a powerful effect on a woman’s body. This line features extremely elegant, romantic pieces including a variety of 925 Sterling Silver rings coated in a luxurious 18k Rose Gold plating and finished with strikingly beautiful white Zircons. The Freya Collection is another outstanding line designed by Elena. It features unique, tear shaped details which have been inspired by the famous golden tears of the Goddess of Fertility, whom of which this line takes its name after. The Freya Collection includes key pieces such as a beautiful set of droplet shaped ear cuffs in solid 925 Silver which plated in rich 18K Rose Gold.  Like their historical inspirer, these pieces are considered to be extremely desirable to each and every lady. The Concordia Collection, named after the daughter of the Goddess Aphrodite, is a line of unique pieces of hand-crafted jewellery, characterised by harmonious features and incredible fluidity throughout each individual item. This line of jewellery includes statement pieces which you can wear from day to night, such as the incredibly beautiful set of 18k Rhodium, Black Gold-plated Zircon ear cuffs with turquoise stones. The Hestia Collection is also available through Speira and has been named after the Goddess of Sacrificial Flame. Hestia was known as the virgin Goddess of architecture, domesticity, family and home. When designing this line of jewellery, Elena Andreou was heavily inspired by this renowned Goddess and her wonderful essence, therefore producing a line which represents the essence of wearing high quality, luxurious jewellery.


Each collection consists of solid 925 Sterling Silver with the options of high quality plated 18k Black, Yellow and Rose Gold. Elena’s designs feature intricate detailing and quality production methods such as pave setting, to produce delicate, seamless finishes with feminine characteristics. Zircon is a naturally occurring stone which is in fact, ten times rarer than a diamond. This gemstone is double-refractive, which gives it a fiery appearance containing lots of sparkle. Zircon has been dubbed the ‘affordable diamond’, resulting in the same high-end look without the hefty price tag. Elena Andreou’s Jewellery has been individually hand-crafted by skilled artisans who ensure a high-quality finish and maximum comfort for the wearer, resulting in each piece feeling buttery-smooth and personal to you.  Elena’s collections are made up of a wide variety of uniquely designed necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Elena Andreou continues to fill each and every single one of her unique pieces of jewellery with her tremendous passion and devotion, both to her craft and her audience. What makes her unique is her participation in both manufacturing stages, such as the design stage and also in the physical production stages of her collection. Therefore, this leads to an authentic and original experience in the crafting of her fine jewellery.  We are so extremely supportive of both Elena Andreou and her unique, incredible collection and are proud to showcase it to all of our amazing customers. We confidently believe you will love every single piece of this fantastically unique, hand-crafted jewellery collection just as much as we do.