February is the universal month of love – a special time for celebrating long-lasting true love, heartfelt emotions, and romance. Show the one you love how much you cherish and adore them, by gifting them a gorgeous piece of handcrafted designer jewellery.

And because we love you, from 1st – 14th February you can take advantage of our generous 20% off discount.

Use our guide below to help you find the perfect gift.

The ancient Greeks identified six main types of love:

Philautia – selfless self-love

Phillia – strong friendships that are deeply bonded

Eros – sexual passion

Agape – selfless love for another

Pragma – mutually beneficial lasting love

Ludus – playful love that is not focused on commitment

Phillia Love

Regal Rings Fit For A Queen Or Princess

The gift of a ring speaks volumes. Let her know she is your Queen by presenting her with the stunning statement Wrapped Around Ring. The unique and precious handmade piece (by Vally Kontidis) is part of the Heritage Collection. A single strip of shiny gold plated silver is coiled in smooth symmetry, and wound around to lovingly encircle her finger.

Communicate your feelings of love with the beautiful Bubble Ring. The gold plated 925° silver, elegant and understated contemporary piece (handmade by Fey Papanikou) boasts an assortment of smooth, curvy circles that are harmoniously linked. Part of the Bubble Collection, this minimal fashion accessory is the perfect fit for the princess in your life.

Agape Love

Pendants & Necklaces To Decorate & Adorn

If diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, the glamorous 9K yellow gold Daphne Necklace (designed by Dimitris ‘Huffy’ Stavropoulos) is the most precious piece that will adorn her neck every day of the week. Cradled on a fine 9K yellow gold chain is a collection of curvaceous golden dots that are studded with a trio of exquisite, twinkling white diamonds.

Give a gift from your heart to hers. The stunning Alikaki Pendant in 9K rose gold flaunts an abstract contoured heart that expresses fluidity and movement. The show-stopping pendant is tied to a 9K rose old chain and displays a polished finish.

Pragma Love

Elegant Earrings To Accentuate

Earrings frame the face and accentuate feminine features beautifully. Grace the perfectly curved earlobes of someone special with the spectacular, eye-catching Butterfly Effect Earrings (designed and handmade by Mary Samoli). Contoured to replicate the rippled wings of a butterfly, the dangly 925° silver gold plated earrings are enriched with delicate freshwater pearls.

Showcase her beauty with wow factor earrings. The sensational 925° silver gold plated Anna 925 Earrings (designed by Myrto Grigori) are inspired by the artistry of architecture and ballet. Each piece in the Dancing Tutu Collection is unique and named after a famous ballerina.

Eros Love

Statement Jewellery In A Class Of Its Own

When chemistry and attraction are in perfect balance falling in love naturally occurs. The ethereal design of the Cybele Ring with One Diamond effortlessly complements the contrasting elements of 9K gold and sparkling white diamond. The whisper thin band is encrusted with tiny golden orbs that align to showcase the dazzling diamond centrepiece.

The outstanding Wildflowers Bracelet is an elegant curve of gold plated 925° silver that is expertly handcrafted (by Mary Samoli) to resemble a multitude of delicate flowers wrapped around the wrist. Each petal of every dainty wildflower is intricately detailed. Organic layers provide additional texture.

Ludus Love

Bracelets All Wrapped Up In Love

Celebrate the exciting butterfly stirrings of new love with the special gift of a beautiful bracelet or statement cuff. The gorgeous, delicate sculpted form of the Boomerang Bracelet (handmade by Dimitris ‘Huffy’ Stavropoulos) is inspired by the soft swells of human flesh. It gracefully encircles the wrist to provide a fluid extension of female embodiment. Choose dramatic black plated silver, or polished 925° silver or bronze.

Present the enchantress in your life with the fashionable Large Hammered Cuff Bracelet. Part of the Classics Collection (handcrafted by Vally Kontidis), the sleek and minimal design flaunts Grecian heritage lines and wraps around the forearm, gently encasing it. The glimmering gold plated brass is embellished with authentic hammered markings.

Philautia Love

Celebrate Self-Love In Style

You don’t have to be loved up in a relationship to have a reason to celebrate love and St Valentine’s Day. Loving yourself is more than enough. Show the world how much you love, respect and value yourself by treating yourself to something beautiful. A piece of handcrafted statement jewellery can make you feel absolutely wonderful. The striking 925° silver 18K gold plated Labyrinth Choker will instantly make you feel like a goddess. The unique Heritage Collection piece (designed by Fey Papanikou) displays an ornate decorative disc suspended from a solid wire choker with spring closure.

Browse our fabulous designer collections to find the ultimate gift that flawlessly represents your love and affection.

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