A symbol of originality, finesse and craftsmanship.

Finding handmade jewellery inspired by Greek everlasting culture? Ancient Greek jewellery is said to ward off evil spirits for protection and bring the wearer good luck and prosperity.

Jewellery did not simply serve as an aesthetic expression of the wearers’ unique inner selves, however it also broadcasted their status and symbol in the society. At Speira, we believe that handmade ancient Greek jewellery is timeless and everlasting. Our unique pieces are designed with the principles of minimalism and depict a high sense of elegance and sophistication. We serve our clients with ancient handmade Greek jewellery which is a symbol of originality, finesse, and the quality craftsmanship.

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Ancient Greek Handmade Jewellery

Elements of ancient Greece – the art, the mythology, the architecture, and the history – is engrained into our fine pieces. Our timeless artefacts get inspiration from myriad characteristics of Greece and its past. You can find a fiery spirit of the mythical Electra and princess of Argos captured into our bracelets and rings. Our talented jewellery designers incorporate and reimagine ancient motifs such as the Vergina Sun into our stunning jewellery capturing the imagination of the elite.

You will be glad to know that direct inspiration from ancient Greece endures at Speira. Our modern jewellery designs exhibit respect for the distant origins of Greek culture in its every little detail. Our designs can be called as unconventional in inception, intricate in detail and classic in terms of values. Speira follows an approach balancing respect for heritage and crafting with a remarkable modern-day aesthetics.

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Designer craftsmanship 

Our high-calibre craftsman produces exciting jewels in both classic and contemporary styles. Unique designs covering a plethora of ancient themes and eras can be discovered with us. Our work continuously draws inspiration from ancient civilizations and translates elements of Ancient Greek culture into modern statement jewellery pieces.

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We strive hard to elaborate Greece’s long history of jewellery making, from the very beginning of the Neolithic era to the present, through our unique designs.

An Eternal Bond with Greek Jewellery

Taking an architectural approach, we try to create youthful designs with refreshing audacity and elegant simplicity. We work with metals and precious stones to create jewellery that showcases the personality of the wearer.

Our endless fascination with the artisanship, has helped us to develop designs incorporating influences, from Greek mythology to the physical beauty of every element of jewellery designs. So, what are you waiting for? Buy timeless and universal designs coming from the core of civilization and elements of the modern world.

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