Selecting the right jewellery according to your neckline can be difficult. Everyone has a different neckline and certain jewellery which would look good on you, might not look so good on someone else.

Mostly when you are not satisfied with your appearance after wearing the necklace, we do not focus on the neckline but rather on the dresses. We keep on switching the dresses rather than thinking that there can be something wrong with the jewellery and the compatibility of our neckline.

Well, not that it is forgotten you can learn about tricks which will help you choose the right jewellery for your neckline. You have to pay attention to the kind of jewellery which suits you and purchase that for sure. Know that not all kinds of jewellery are made for you so if you like any because it is a beautiful necklace, it would not necessarily look good on you.

People wear jewellery on formal events on top of simple dresses which makes them look elegant. Here are some of the main types of dresses and their necklines to choose the right jewellery easily.

Learning the Quick Tricks for Neckline & Right Jewellery

Let’s check out some of the quick tricks here.

1. Going Strapless

When you are wearing a strapless dress/gown, we know that there will be skin exposed. So with considering that, you can choose a choker design made of beads or gems. Another option can be to wear the necklace drop which can complement your personality. If you do have embellishments on the gown, prefer to select a simple design for the jewellery, and if there is no embellishment, then you can select a heavy design for it.

2. V-Neck Dress

With the V-neck dresses, the attention is not on the chest but the deep cleavage. Wearing a pendant would work great with having the length of about 2 inches. The pendant should be above the V-neck of the dress.

You can consider wearing pearl pendant which goes with all dresses. If you wish to go for sparkle, then prefer the crystals of Swarovski which bling from far. If you are wearing a V-neck, then make sure to carry it with all the confidence and choose the perfect kind of jewellery with it.

3. Scoop Neck

There are numerous types of necklaces which you can choose to wear with a scoop neck. You can consider wearing peal multi-strand necklace with crystals of gemstones. It can be double strands or more. A necklace with Y shape or choker with pendants.

4. Off Shoulder Neck

This is similar to the dress which is strapless where the exposure of skin is more than other dresses. You would want to wear the necklace which you love here but be careful because it has to complement with your overall personality and the dress. You can consider wearing a simple choker design or round necklace with embellishments.

5. Square Neck

When you are looking for Speira jewellery, you will see that including all the other necklines, square neck is also popular. Square neck works as a main attraction in the dress, and you can wear a wide choker with one or more strands. You can also choose to wear a double-stranded necklace which goes to the chest. Along with that if you want to go simple on the look, then you can choose lockets as well.

So when you are not so satisfied with the appearance, do not rush to change the dress, prefer to shop for the right jewellery. Having the information helps you in making your appearance better with little effort. Always prefer to do your homework before going to an event to look the best as the ladies love to do their makeover.


Written by Nicky Thomas