If you wish to look into a female’s dressing table, you will be able to find two main things. One is the jewellery and second is makeup. Today, we are going to focus on the jewellery part and how you can care for it to last longer. There can be precious jewellery such as gold, silver, sterling silver, diamonds, other stones and metals in the collection. All the tips are related to the generic jewellery and you will surely find them helpful.

Protecting your Jewellery

  • Keep the jewellery protected at all times when not wearing. Make sure it is somewhere inside such as in a box or drawer. It does not let the jewellery catch dust and does not make it look old.
  • When you take a shower, make sure to remove any jewellery which you are wearing. It keeps the jewellery away from getting rusty and protects its durability.
  • Stones have a high tendency to catch dust which is why keep them in a box when you take it off. They are vulnerable which is why they need to get packed when you take the jewellery off.
  • Do not perfume or spray on the jewellery as it can take away the shine.
  • Prefer to keep the jewellery away from sunlight, humidity or any high-temperature area.
  • Do not wear any jewellery if you have applied sunblock or planning to go to a beach.

Storage of Jewellery

  • If you have the original box of the jewellery then prefer to keep the jewellery in it after use.
  • If you do not have the box, then there are pouches available which you can buy and keep the jewellery safe in it.
  • Keep the jewellery pieces separate such as if you have a necklace and earrings, do not store them in the same pouch. Put them in separate pouches and keep it in the drawer.

Cleaning of Jewellery

  • You do need to clean the jewellery as a maintenance part for it. The radiance of jewellery decreases if not maintained after frequent usage. Use the polishing cloth to clean the jewellery especially the metal ones.
  • If you wish to clean gold or silver, you can use the silver cleaner for it.
  • Prefer to stay away from any tissue paper or paper towel for the cleaning of metal jewellery pieces.


  • The natural delicacy of gemstones recommends you to avoid cleaning it with any harmful chemical as it can react.
  • Prefer to use a damp cloth to clean the gemstone jewellery after usage.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the gemstones.


  • Wash the bracelets with warm water by adding soap. Clean it gently with the sponge and the shine on the bracelet will be back within no time.

How To Protect Jewellery From Tarnishing

  • The jewellery found at Speira are anti-tarnishing, but the frequent usage may wear it out as the passage of time.
  • It is better that you keep the maintenance of your jewellery once a week to avoid it from getting tarnished.
  • Our jewellery items do not contain an element of nickel in it. All the jewellery is pure as defined such as silver, gold, gemstones or other metals.

We test all the products before its arrival in the market due to which they are not harmful to wear. If there are any issues with the products due to the hypersensitive skin, then you can contact the representatives immediately.


We provide the warranty of two years for our products offered. The valid receipt would be required at the time of any issue with the jewellery. It works as the main proof of purchase by the customer. You can view the policy of warranty on our website.


Written by Nicky Thomas