May Issue of Tatler –  The Crown Jewels: Speira Jewellery with the wildflowers bracelet

This month is all about the Royal Wedding and Tatler May issue is dedicated to all things royal. Speira Jewellery is excited to participate in this issue with the wonderful wildflower bracelet designed Mary Samoli. This breathless piece of art is part of the Wildflowers collection.

Featured in Tatler magazine.

Tatler is the oldest British magazine with over 300 years of history.

It is great to be part of this especially on such a unique occasion, the royal wedding.

 Wildflowers are beautiful

Wildflowers bravely grow wild and free, like independent thinkers and free spirits, so for something dedicated to the royal wedding we had to choose the Wildflower bracelet, a beautiful selection for a royal bride, Mrs. Megan Markle our future princess.

It’s amazing we matched our selection for this royal wedding special. Just before the announcement of the Royal couple about the choice of flowers for the wedding.

Did you guess yet? Wildflowers of course. Because wildflowers are simply beautiful and bees love them. It’s wonderful to have a sustainable royal wedding that nurtures ecosystems!

Wildflowers matching earrings designed by Mary Samoli. A dream within a dream.

At Speira Jewellery we aim to work with the best designers and jewelry makers to bring you a selection of pieces of jewelry with unique designs, high craftsmanship and attention to detail.

We offer free UK delivery, custom-made services and we make sure we choose only unique pieces for Speira Jewellery.

We wish a happy future to the royal couple and we are looking forward to the June issue of Tatler.